1953 : The “Villa Finaly”, property of the University of Paris

After the war, the inheritors recovered possession of the Villa, which at the time of the liberation of Florence had been used as the Head Quarters of the Allied Forces.
In 1953, they decided to donate the Villa and a large part of the grounds to the University of Paris. The acceptance of this donation was registered on the 20th June, 1956.
For more than 35 years, the building was used to accommodate groups of students for visits, usually organised during the summer months, as the Villa did not have central heating.

Sbandieratori-4pDuring the 1990s, the 13 Universities which now compose the University of Paris, and which had therefore become the owners in common of the Villa, decided to give restore the building to its original splendour. The Florentine people were attached to the building and favoured its new renaissance. The restoration and restructuring has now been completed.

The inauguration of the Villa took place on the 31st May 2000.The Universities of Paris now dispose of a prestigious property in Florence, which can be used for international meetings, research seminars, cultural manifestations and as a valued meeting place for university development, and scientific and cultural cooperation between Italy and France.