1816-1863 : The “Villa Normanby” and the work of Giuseppe Poggi

The new owner of the Villa, R. Laedbrock, took over in 1816; he carried out extension work and made improvements. In 1854, his son sold the property to the Marquis of Normanby, the last English minister at the court of the Grand Duke. He lived in the Villa until 1858.

hallThe work was carried out by the architect and urbanist Giuseppe Poggi, who was later engaged for major work in Florence between 1865 et 1870, when this city became the capital of Italy. At this time the eight-column rotonda was built, overlooked by a dome over a courtyard dating back to the 16th century.


blasonLord Normanby also acquired the land surrounding the park, some of which is still within the present limits of the property. He even had the route of the road to Bologna modified where it passed close to the Villa. It was he who had the emblem of Great Britain fixed to the façade; this has been conserved and is still visible today.