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Besides awarding formal prizes, which support young doctoral students and university research in the Ile-de-France region, the Chancellerie also administers and allocates income from several bequests, enabling it to promote humanistic and universal values. It favours the diffusion of knowledge and one of its major preoccupations is the development of qualities that are essential to all human beings, between ethics and rationality. The Seligman Prize honours a work that has been decisive in the fight against racism and prejudice, which are the source of all the different forms of intolerance. In awarding the Fénéon Prize, the Chancellerie seeks to support and encourage the emergence of young talent in the field of the arts. The Hertz Prize honours works that promote ethical values and those of citizenship. Finally, the Gaston Poix Prize rewards researchers in the fields of phthisiology and pneumology and its main mission is to contribute to the progress of scientific research.

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The Seligman Prize

The Fénéon literary prize

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The Hertz prize

The Gaston Poix Prize

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