Located right in the heart of Paris, in an exceptional setting for your ceremonies: symposiums, conferences, cocktail receptions, film shoots, etc.



In this vast quadrangular-shaped space with high fluted columns, the Peristyle, by way of the Arts and Sciences staircases, leads to the reception rooms and to the galleries of the Grand Amphitheatre.

The wrought-iron, chiseled-copper banisters, at the bottom of which there are celestial spheres, are decorated with escutcheons bearing the coats of arms of university towns in 1889. Around the Peristyle there is a vast series of paintings by Flameng (history of the Arts) and Chartran (history of the Sciences).

Above the central bell is a stained-glass window depicting the coat of arms of Paris.

Against the wall, opposite the gallery of honour, is a statue of the Republic by Léon Delhomme (1841 – 1895). Wearing a Phrygian cap with a crown of leaves, the statue is sitting and has in its right hand a sword pointing to the ground and, on the left, there is a small effigy of Minerva. To its right, there is a beehive and a horn of plenty and a pile of books on the left.

Practical information

  • 435 square metres
  • Maximum capacity: 400 standing

The entrance is located at 47, Rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris

Layout of the Peristyle at the Sorbonne 

Contact: Bureau des cérémonies (Ceremonies Service) – Tel: + 33 (0) 1 40 46 20 19

Email: ceremonies.sorbonne@ac-paris